Governor's Island

Lake WinnipesaukeeNestled within the scenic Lake Winnipesaukee, in Gilford town, Governor's Island boasts a rich history and beautiful landscapes. The island, despite its association with numerous New Hampshire governors, is believed to be named after Sir John Wentworth, its first documented owner and a prominent figure in its history. In 1772, Sir John was granted ownership of the island in recognition of his substantial contributions towards the development of the area now known as Wolfeboro. Post-World War II, the island saw significant infrastructural upgrades, including an updated bridge and the construction of seasonal homes. These summer residences underwent several renovations and expansions over the ensuing decades. Today, Governor's Island is home to approximately 200 properties, each offering a unique blend of history and modernity.


Things to Do on Governor's Island

Uncover the tranquility of our 500-acre island, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of New England. With its prime location, this island retreat offers more than just a serene escape. It's conveniently connected to the mainland by a picturesque bridge, presenting a seamless journey to local amenities.

Just a stone's throw away, you'll discover a myriad of shopping opportunities, from quaint boutiques to contemporary stores, catering to all your needs. Gourmet dining experiences also abound, with an array of fine restaurants offering diverse culinary delights that will satiate any palate. For those travelling further afield, the Laconia Municipal Airport is within easy reach, ensuring hassle-free travel.

Adding to the island's allure is its proximity to the renowned Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion. This outdoor amphitheater is a summer haven for music lovers, hosting a lineup of premier concerts and events that are sure to entertain.

Yet despite these conveniences, the island retains its natural charm. A significant part of it has been preserved as open space, showcasing untouched woodlands and verdant trails. Nature enthusiasts can take advantage of these scenic routes for hiking or cross-country skiing, immersing themselves in the island's breathtaking beauty.

The island's infrastructure, including its winding roads, has been thoughtfully designed to protect its unique ambiance. Every aspect contributes to a harmonious blend of convenience, culture, and conservation, making this 500-acre island an idyllic destination for both relaxation and adventure.

Experience the perfect balance of accessibility and seclusion on this sprawling 500-acre island – a paradise where modern comforts meet natural splendor


Governor's Island Real Estate

Governor's Island real estate is a coveted destination, showcasing a collection of stunning high-end homes and waterfront estates. These properties offer spectacular views, sandy beaches, and the serenity of an island devoid of stores or condominiums. The island inhabitants are a blend of seasonal and year-round residents, each enjoying the tranquility and exclusivity of the location.

Ownership of these sought-after properties grants membership to the Governor's Island Club, a private community that offers an array of amenities. From pristine sandy beaches and tennis courts to social events at the clubhouse, there's something for everyone. Additional facilities include a playground for younger residents and a picnic area perfect for family gatherings. This vibrant community cherishes the unspoiled natural beauty that makes Governor's Island a picturesque haven.


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