How Are Home Buyer’s Agents Paid?

The industry standard refers to Buyer Agency or Buyer Representation as a FREE service, and technically this is true. Buyer Agency is generally provided at no cost to you, meaning no up-front payment and no additional charge at closing. The premise is that the Seller pays all commissions, the Buyer pays no commission. The truth lies somewhere in between. Payment comes from the proceeds of the sale.

The price of weak negotiating could be thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. Choosing an agent with strong negotiation skills will have tremendous implications for a home buyer. Assisting you in building a business model for your purchase, We will discuss numerous considerations with you. Price is the most obvious, however, it’s often more about terms; seller contribution, contractual deadlines and closing date, meeting contingencies, counter offers, appraised value, what is considered “fixture” and what may be removed. Offers should be written with great care. Carefully consider your representative’s qualifications and track record before making your choice.

Make no mistake, the wrong Buyer Agent could cost you dearly.

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