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The functions and responsibilities of all REALTORS are the same, it’s diligence that separates the elite agent from the mediocre. To excel in the field of real estate takes a high level of commitment, sound judgment, and unwavering dedication to ethical standards. But it seems that it’s the little things that people really remember, small courtesies that define the true professional, candid advice that will prove valuable throughout your home ownership.

We understand that Buyer Agency is the recognized term and the word “consultant” is widely used, but in all honesty, we do not think that’s enough. When we agree to represent a Buyer, we consider ourselves more of an Advocate. That’s not to say that we speak for you, but rather in your favor or in support of you. We take the offensive in negotiating on your behalf before you sign a contract, and staunchly defend your position after all parties have agreed. You need not ever feel that your voice will not be heard, we make sure that it is.

In our experience, it is the minute details that make the difference between excellent and adequate representation. Constant communication is a MUST. Timely follow-up prevents common blips from becoming disasters. And a small measure of foresight, developed through experience and education, is helpful in steering you away from the odd pitfall.

Our view is exactly opposite that of all the agents who predict complicated transactions and anxiety-ridden experiences. Our philosophy is simple: “NO real estate transaction should be difficult, intimidating, or stressful."


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