Lakes Region Home Sellers Can Avoid Costly Mistakes

Selling Your Lakes Region HomeWe think you should be aware right up front, that confusion and surprise have no place in a real estate transaction. Our philosophy is, “NO real estate transaction should be difficult, intimidating, or stressful.” As a matter of fact, it is our job to deflect small annoyances and present you with clear facts and well informed options. But now and then philosophy turns out to be one thing while reality is quite another.

There are dozens of circumstances surrounding the actual sale of your home that are outside of our control: job concerns, family considerations, and the physical undertaking of moving itself. We can’t promise that these things won’t impact your choices. One thing we can guarantee is that you will be well prepared. That is our responsibility. We are honored to say that we do it comprehensively and we take it seriously.

That said, there is something that is even more important. The top of your priority list should be occupied by your bottom line. Extensive experience, market awareness, continuing education, and strategic media exposure, are all essential to arranging a financially advantageous sale. In addition to selecting the right agent to represent you, there are several other things to take into account;

- qualification of buyers
- access for showings
- cost-effective improvements or repairs
- state regulations
- required paperwork & documentation
- marketing strategy
- effective negotiation
- the advantage of an internationally recognized company
- and of course price

One misstep has the potential to cost you thousands of dollars. Along with the choice of a knowledgeable, efficient representative, comes freedom for you to hand this responsibility over to someone else.

You probably have questions, there’s a lot to sort out when selling your home. Start with the “Sellers Ask Us” section on this site, there’s a link at the top of the Buyers & Sellers page. These are the questions that sellers most frequently ask us. We believe in answering honestly and ethically whether in person or through media. This list is by no means complete so feel free to e-mail or call us with any additional inquiries. You will not be obligated in any way. That’s what we are here for. That’s what we do.

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