Lakes Region Home Seller's Checklist

  1. Lakes Region Realtor with Home SellerRemove and/or replace anything that might be considered a “fixture”. A good example is a chandelier that has sentimental value.
  2. Brighten the main entrance, freshen the finish on the door, place high watt bulbs in light fixtures, buy a new door mat. A potted plant, wreath or plaque is welcoming but remove anything personalized with your name.
  3. Double-check all keys that will be used by sales representatives.
  4. As for repairs and/or remodels... if it’s broke, fix it., If looks tired, revive it. Major remodeling is rarely necessary. One caveat, never attempt to hide a flaw, you can surely look forward to it coming back to bite you.
  5. Curb Appeal is real. Check-out your home from across the street and make sure you’ve created the best possible first impression.
  6. I’m sure you’ve heard everything there is to say about clutter. Need I say more? Even the junk drawer should be free of junk.
  7. Personality is one thing, every home should have some. Personal is quite another. De-personalize!!
  8. Contrary to popular belief, you need not make the effort to bake in order to create a homey atmosphere. The simple smell of “clean” is enticing every time.
  9. Assuming you’ve already considered the impression your landscaping will make, don’t forget to give it quick once-over after wind or rain.
  10. Pets can be as dear to you as a member of your family but should not be the focal point of the showing. Try to remove them, and all evidence of them, before each appointment.
  11. Make a mental list of anything not affixed to the home, that you’re willing to leave. Discuss with your agent whether you should include them in the listing agreement or use them in negotiating your price. Possibilities would be boats, gym equipment, mounted televisions.
  12. Finally, selling your home is a business decision. Apply the same standards to hiring an agent, as you would to choosing a business manager, attorney, or financial consultant. Schedule an interview, check credentials, ask for references, compare performance stats.

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