More Lakes of the New Hampshire Lakes Region

Winnisquam LakeBeyond Lake Winnipesaukee

Explore the serene and picturesque lakes of New Hampshire's Lakes Region beyond the expanse of Lake Winnipesaukee. Each lake offers its unique charm, natural beauty, and recreational opportunities. Discover the tranquil waters of Lake Waukewan, the cinematic allure of Squam Lake, the friendly shores of Lake Winnisquam, and the pristine waters of Newfound Lake.

Lake Waukewan

Nestled quietly in the heart of the Lakes Region, Lake Waukewan is a peaceful retreat for those looking to escape busy daily life. This hidden gem, with its crystal-clear waters, provides an ideal setting for swimming, kayaking, and fishing. Surrounded by a lush forest and rolling hills, Lake Waukewan captivates visitors with its scenic beauty and tranquil atmosphere. The lake serves as the water supply for the town of Meredith, ensuring its pristine condition is preserved. Whether you're enjoying a quiet paddle in the early morning mist or casting a line in its abundant fish-populated waters, Lake Waukewan offers a serene lake experience that embodies the essence of New Hampshire's natural beauty. View listings on Lake Waukewan.

Squam Lake

Squam Lake, renowned for its beautiful setting featured in the classic movie "On Golden Pond," is a haven of tranquility and scenic splendor. With its winding shoreline, secluded coves, and pristine waters, Squam Lake provides plenty of peace and serenity. The lake's landscape is dotted with historic cottages and boathouses, adding to its charming character. Nature enthusiasts will find Squam Lake particularly appealing for its rich biodiversity and opportunities for wildlife observation, including loons and bald eagles. The surrounding area offers ample hiking trails that provide stunning views of the lake and its islands. Squam Lake not only invites visitors to unwind and connect with nature but also to explore the cultural heritage and conservation efforts that keep its beauty unspoiled. View listings on Squam Lake.

Lake Winnisquam

Lake Winnisquam, among New Hampshire's largest lakes, is a versatile destination that caters to every type of lakeside leisure. From sandy beaches perfect for gatherings to quiet spots for fishing enthusiasts, Lake Winnisquam has it all. The lake's waters are ideal for boating, water skiing, and wakeboarding, making it a popular choice for water sports enthusiasts. The surrounding area boasts a variety of accommodations and dining options, ensuring visitors can enjoy a comfortable stay. Lake Winnisquam's accessibility and proximity to local attractions, including hiking trails and golf courses, make it an excellent base for exploring the broader Lakes Region. Its blend of recreational diversity and convenience positions Lake Winnisquam as a top choice for both relaxation and adventure. View listings on Lake Winnisquam.

Newfound Lake

Regarded as one of the cleanest lakes in the world, Newfound Lake shines as a jewel of the Lakes Region with its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking mountain vistas. The lake's 22 miles of shoreline feature some of the finest sandy beaches in New Hampshire, offering unparalleled swimming and sunbathing experiences. Newfound Lake is a prime location for sailing, canoeing, and kayaking, providing peaceful ways to explore its expansive waters. The surrounding Newfound Lake area is committed to conservation efforts, maintaining the pristine quality of its natural resources and ensuring its beauty remains untouched for future generations. For those seeking a tranquil escape in a pristine environment, Newfound Lake offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and serene lake living. View listings on Newfound Lake.

Lake Winnipesaukee, along with each of these lakes in the New Hampshire Lakes Region offers its own unique slice of paradise. Whether you're drawn to the quiet solitude of Lake Waukewan, the natural splendor of Squam Lake, the friendly shores of Lake Winnisquam, or the pristine waters of Newfound Lake, you'll find a special place to relax, recharge, and create lasting memories.

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